So You Want To Be A Mason?

You've read all the boooks and magazines you could get your hands on, you've taken countless hours to research the organization online, and you've heard the opinions of others about becoming a Freemason.

What NOW?

Perhaps it's time to take the next step to Become A Better Man!

To Become A Mason

Many men have wondered why they were never asked to join the Masonic fraternity, not knowing that it was up to them to ask how to become a Mason.

Most men still begin the process of becoming a Mason by simply asking—just as Washington, Franklin, Hancock, Revere and most every Mason from the past to the present day has done.


Membership is open to men of every race, religion, culture, and income level.  The basic requirements for membership into an Illinois Lodge are as follows:

      - Be age 18 or older

      - Have resided in Illinois and a resident for at least six months (unless specially waived)

      - Be able to read and write English

      - Be of good moral and social character; and

      - Believe in a Supreme Deity
(necessary to take certain oaths, otherwise no obligation would be binding upon you).

Men usually seek out a Lodge near their home or workplace or ask a Mason they know to recommend a Lodge to them.  Masonry is not for everyone, however.  It does not purport to reform bad men, only to provide a lifelong opportunity for good men to improve themselves and those around them.

The Masonic Fraternity seeks only men of good character as members.  In fact, Masonic Lodges are required to review every applicant’s moral and social character, and members must be unanimously balloted upon in a Lodge by all members present.

Alternately, an Illinois Mason can inform a good man that he knows that should he wish to join, he is welcome to do so under a program called Invitation to Petition.  So, if a Mason who knows you believes you have the requisite character traits, he may propose you for membership in a Lodge and have your name balloted upon, and then inform you of this action.

There is a chance you may NOT know someone who is a Mason, and that's ok. You may proactively seek out membership on your own by asking a Mason for a petition, or contacting this Lodge.


In either case, the choice is still yours.

Normal Lodge #673 Petition Form