As with any organization or group, Masonic lodges collect yearly dues fees from it's membership.  These fees are used to "run" the lodge and provide it's membership with a large list of things, such as the Masonic Hall they meet in each month, to charity work in the community.  In recent months, we have had a few inquiries asking, "How much does it cost to become a Mason"?  The answer is:  It all depends on the lodge & it's membership.
    You will find that one lodge for example may have it's members pay $45.00 a year in dues.  While another lodge in the same town may charge it's members $90.00 a year in dues.  So, why the difference.  Take a moment and visit each of those lodges.  What does the lodge building look like?  How many members does the lodge have?  What kind of charity work do they do in the community?  All these questions and more can contribute to how much a member of a lodge pays each year for it's dues fee.
    Membership dues are due at the beginning of each new year.  Payment should be sent to the address listed on your dues invoice.  For those Brethren who would like to pay using a Credit Card, please contact the Lodge Scretary for more information.

With that being said, you will find information below about Normal Lodges membership fees.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Lodge Secretary:  Brother John Dorner

                                Current Dues Fee:      $70.00
                                2 years Dues Fee:      $135.00
                                3 years Dues Fee:      $200.00
                                4 years Dues Fee:      $260.00
                                Lifetime Membership Fee:    $1,050.00

A final thought.  From time to time a fellow Brother may find himself falling on hard times.  Life is never a straight and narrow path we follow, and loosing a job, or unexpected medical bill/medication is always a possibility and no matter how much you safe, things all of us.  If your a member and find yourself falling on hard financial times, talk to us and let us know.  We understand that family comes first.  Never throw your dues statement in the garbage and forget about it.  Contact the Lodge Secretary to discuss your options as soon as possible.